As we brainstormed about ways we as an organization could help support our healthcare workers, we thought about the driveway masterpieces we have seen around town. Kids are using colorful chalk and encouraging words to brighten our days during these hard times. What if we could also offer support and thanks through our words? Here is where we need your help!

Over the next few weeks, we would like to gather messages from our Mamie’s community to share with our nurses, doctors and hospital staff.  Think about those men and women who were there for you during your delivery and what was possibly the hardest time of your life. Think about the care and compassion they provided. These same individuals are the ones who are now working long hours, putting their own health at risk in the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak. Let’s tell them what they mean to us, the impact they have had in our lives and thank them for their selfless dedication to helping others. The messages can be as specific or vague as you would like. Feel free to name the hospital where you delivered or even certain individuals you would like to recognize. We will do our best to tag them in our posts so they know we are thinking about them. The posts can also be anonymous. Click the link below to send us your message.

We will share your messages over the next few weeks on social media and on the Mamie’s blog. Kids can also send in artwork! Let’s let our frontline workers know they are not alone and they have an entire community supporting them!


Thank you!!
Mamie’s Poppy Plates