When Sarah was pregnant with Mamie, someone gave her a Christmas ornament. This ornament was a mold that you would use to capture your baby’s handprint and then proudly hang on your tree for many Christmases to come. Mamie was due in the middle of summer so Sarah placed it in a closet for safe keeping. After Mamie’s death, she came across the ornament one day while going through Mamie’s things. It was what sparked the idea to create a keepsake for parents who won’t be able to create those memories with their children. Sarah wanted them to know, yes…. someone cares, yes…. someone remembers…. and yes, someone has walked this road.

We had a mom reach out to us with a story very similar to Sarah’s. Like so many, she’s grieving the lost Christmas memories and milestones that she would have shared with her son. Thank you Jackie for taking the time to share and for letting us know how Mamie has impacted you and your family.

Jackie Wallis’ Story 

My husband and I lost our son at 35wks. Unexplained, his heart stopped beating in utero on August 26th. Just two days later our baby Rhett came into the world. The worst moment of our lives besides losing him 2 days earlier but at the same time his birth filled our hearts with Joy. So many emotions you go through during this time and so many changes you were not expecting that hit you full force. We finally got our answer that day that it was just an accident that Rhett passed away. Nothing wrong with me or the baby. You would think that knowing made things easier but they stayed the same for us both. This has been so difficult each day and being reminded with each turn we take.

There have been so many events since he went to heaven that have made this sad time elevated. My birthday, thanksgiving, my husband/daughters birthday and now Christmas approaching. Everything we look at that was made for him to celebrate all these events with us just breaks our hearts. Each special moment with family during these holidays still has a void we can’t fix. When will it get better ? Does anyone remember that our baby passed away?It seems everyone has gone back to normal but we will never be normal again or forget this trying time.

Then one day I received this plate in the mail and it just hit me in a different way. I was lucky to be able to have this because it reminded me, I am still a mom. He was a part of our lives and someone else that I have never met thought so too! We want to spread the work of this organization.We didn’t know anything about them until we had our loss of baby Rhett. The kindness that they can spread to a family that will never forget their angel is a joy in itself.

I wanted to share our story to let people know you are not alone. It’s a horrible experience to go through and receiving one little thing to honor the memory of your loved one does not have words to explain. You can make a difference in someone’s life by spreading the word , sharing your story or simply donating a plate to someone. I know it impacted our lives and we are so very grateful. We took this picture to honor our little boy on our Christmas cards. His nursery was decorated in buffalo plaid and each Christmas we will honor his life by incorporating this color scheme.

We love you Rhett Preston.