Recently, I saw a post on your Facebook page of a volunteer who was writing the thank you notes. We have received three of these thank you notes since our tribe allowed us to adopt only a portion of the babies at Washington Regional. Parents who chose to SHOUT from the mountain tops to tell us their story. Mama’s and Daddy’s  who wanted to express their gratitude of receiving their Mamie’s Poppy plate with their babes footprints and handprints.


EVERY SINGLE TIME I have opened our mailbox and received one of these thank you notes my heart needed it more than I could EVER begin to explain. The timing was such God timing. Every time I received  one of the notes it was on a day I had whiplash and triggers that came out of nowhere. Here is the thing. I love the education and awareness of Wave of Light. But, for the past two and half years the perception and reality of lightning a candle makes me hesitant. Perhaps it would make it all too real. Perhaps I too am afraid to shout from the mountain tops in the depths of my soul.


In our daily lives though we firmly believe being transparent. Telling the story of ALL of our boys. Why? Because, all their stories are worth telling. ALL three. So, here we go Wave of Light. For all three parents who wrote these notes. Not to mention each and every parent who has lost a child. We see you. We hear you. We pray for you. I’m so thankful for Mamie’s Poppy Plates! I’ve said it before but thank you for everything you all do each and everyday!!!!

Elizabeth and Mark Gillespie
Sutton’s Parents